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Elevate Your Dental Practice with Restorative Medicine!!

Elevate Your Dental Practice with Restorative Medicine!

Looking to better help your patients and grow your practice revenue?

We Provide Restorative Products Of Exceptional Quality For The Good Of All.

We Provide Regenerative Products of exceptional quality for the good of all.

At Ggevityy, we use Umbilical Cord Tissue (UCT) derived from Wharton’s Jelly that is ethically sourced and from donors who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Our products only use cGMP certified human umbilical cord tissue for development.

Our products are sourced from carefully screened and selected umbilical cord donors that have met specific criteria to maximize cell count, viability (95-98% post thaw) and efficacy.

*GGEVITYY clinical grade products are manufactured in state- of the art ISO- 7 certified, FDA-registered, FDA-inspected, cGTP compliant, cleanroom facility.

Why REGEN For Your Dental Practice?

Harness The Power of Biologics.

We strive to empower and educate dental practices to leverage the power of natural biologics, through clinical research data & support.

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Our Products

Wharton’s Jelly Matrix – Cellular Matrix

Lyophilized Wharton’s Jelly Exosomes (50 billion+)

Lyophilized Wharton’s Jelly Exosomes (37 billion+) with Collagen (Aesthetics only)


We understand the challenges of entering the restorative medicine field in the U.S. That’s why GGEVITYY has done the groundwork to offer you the very best products and support.

We Understand The Challenges Of Entering The Restorative Medicine Field In The U.S. That’s Why GGEVITYY Has Done The Groundwork To Offer You The Very Best Products And Support.