Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to GGEVITYY, a leader in restorative medicine and natural biologics, dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for medical and aesthetic practices. Our journey began with a personal story of resilience, healing, and a passionate drive to improve patient care through advanced restorative therapies.

The Founder

Brooke’s Journey

GGEVITYY was founded by Brooke, whose journey into the world of restorative medicine is both inspiring and transformative. Brooke’s story is one of overcoming adversity and turning personal challenges into a mission to help others heal.

In 2017, Brooke walked away from an 11-year swimming dream of qualifying for Olympic trials. While pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences, she engaged in cell and molecular biology research, spent long days in the lab, and competed in three NPC figure bodybuilding shows. In the spring of 2020, when COVID hit, Brooke finished her biomedical sciences degree in her parents’ upstairs apartment, packed her car with essential belongings, and drove across the United States from small-town upstate New York to Tampa, Florida. There, she began a Master’s in Exercise Science, working primarily in the Physique and Performance Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida.

Brooke brings over 13 years of combined athletic and weight training experience. She has spoken and presented at conferences as well as created and taught undergraduate courses at the University of South Florida in the applied science of body transformation, weight training-focused weight management, human nutrition, and exercise physiology.

A few years ago, Brooke was involved in a severe car accident that left her with significant injuries, including a partially torn ligament in her left knee and multiple micro-tears in her neck. Traditional medical treatments offered traditional orthopedic options, limited relief, and long recovery times. In search of a better solution, Brooke discovered the potential of restorative medicine and natural biologics.

Brooke Morrisseau

Discovering the Power of Restorative Medicine

Through her own treatment journey, Brooke experienced firsthand the remarkable benefits of natural biolgics. The use of umbilical cord-derived natural biologics not only accelerated her healing process but also improved her overall recovery outcomes without the need for invasive surgeries. This profound experience ignited a passion in Brooke to bring these advanced therapies to others.


Determined to make a difference, Brooke embarked on a mission to create a company that would offer high-quality restorative products and comprehensive support to medical and aesthetic practitioners. She recognized the gaps in the industry, such as the lack of research-guided clinical applications, practitioner and patient educational training, on-time deliveries, and reliable products without preservatives. Brooke set out to address these challenges by collaborating with leading scientists and experts to develop the best possible natural biologics.

Our Commitment

At GGEVITYY, we are committed to providing top-tier natural biologics derived from umbilical cord tissue. Our products are preserved using a unique glucose-based solution, ensuring safety and effectiveness without the adverse immune system reactions associated with traditional preservatives like DMSO.

We offer extensive support to our clients, including:

Premium Technology
& Support

Exclusive partner practitioner portal with access to exclusive partner only webinars & 1:1 support with our Directors, Scientists, and Executive Team.


Ensuring practitioners are well-versed in the physiology and clinical application of our products.


Helping practices grow their patient base, maximize their current patient base, and effectively promote restorative therapies.


Providing access to a wealth of knowledge and best clinical practices in restorative medicine through our executive team and partners.

Our Vision

Brooke’s vision for GGEVITYY is to empower Partnering Practices to UNDERSTAND the power of restorative medicine, improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of HEALTHCARE. By offering innovative products and unwavering support, we aim to be a trusted partner in the journey toward better health and well-being.

Join us at GGEVITYY.
Regenerative medicine is the future, and we have to embrace it, or get left behind. Let’s heal, grow, and thrive together.